Composite Fillings


A History of Composite Fillings

For well over a century, silver was the main option for dentists when it came to filling cavities. It was a natural choice because of its strength and durability. Silver, known in the dentist’s office as amalgam, was so commonly used that it is probably the first image that comes to mind when people consider fillings.

Eventually, advancements in the mixture of composite fillings caused them to begin to surface as a favorite choice. At first, they were primarily used for restoring front teeth because the mixture could not handle the pressure of produced by the back teeth. Recent developments in durability have made composite fillings a solid choice for any tooth.

Why Composite Fillings?

The primary reason that composite fillings have become so popular is that the color matches the color of natural teeth very accurately. This means that fillings can blend in so that no one can tell you have them. Your smile will appear as bright as if you had no fillings. Other positive factors include less sensitivity to extreme temperatures, simplicity of repair work, and a superior bond with your teeth.

If you have to have a filling, composite fillings are the most attractive choice.