Dentures & Partial Dentures


Why Would I Need Dentures?

There is one simple reason to have dentures. Your teeth are missing. It might be one, several, or all of your teeth that are missing. It could be because of decay, gum disease, age, or a specific accident. The dentures replace the missing teeth, but they also perform a couple of other functions. They provide support for lip and cheek tissue in the area of the missing teeth. Dentures also provide crucial support to remaining natural teeth so that they will not shift out of alignment.

What Kind Of Dentures Are There?

There are two basic types of dentures. Partial dentures are used when a patient is missing some teeth but has some natural teeth remaining. The replacement teeth are secured to a plastic base that is slipped into the mouth. If the partial denture is for the upper teeth, a flesh-colored base is used to cover the roof of the mouth. Partial dentures for the lower jaw will have a horseshoe-shaped base so that the tongue will not be impeded. The second main type of denture is the full denture for those who are missing all of their teeth.

Will Anyone Know I Am Wearing Dentures?

Modern day dentures look very natural. Your smile will look real and refreshing!