Fixed Bridges


What Is A Fixed Bridge?

A fixed bridge will replace your missing tooth and use your nearby natural teeth as anchor points. The word “bridge” refers to the fact that an actual bridge is created by connecting your remaining natural teeth and your replacement teeth. The word “fixed” means that the bridge is not removable. Some other bridges can be removable.

Why Would It Be Fixed?

A fixed bridge can be desirable or necessary for a few reasons. It can help maintain bone structure and facial shape. The permanence of a fixed bridge can make chewing and speaking easier and more predictable. A fixed bridge can also keep remaining natural teeth from drifting into a bad alignment. Some people just like a dental appliance that stays in place.

Why Porcelain?

Of course, the primary reason to use porcelain for the replacement teeth in a bridge is because it looks great! However, there are other valid reasons. This material can also be formed to look just like a natural tooth. Its surface looks very much like the enamel of a real tooth. In addition, porcelain is strong and durable so that it can handle the natural stress that comes with the use of teeth for chewing.