Porcelain Crowns


Do I Need A Crown?

When your tooth is broken, stained, chipped, misaligned, or otherwise compromised, you may find it necessary to restore the tooth with a crown. The purpose of the crown, often called a cap, is to completely cover the damaged tooth. This protects against future infection of the same tooth and improves the aesthetics of the tooth when you smile.

What Does a Crown Accomplish?

A crown has several purposes. If you have a tooth that has been treated with a larger filling, a crown can seal the filled tooth. If you have a tooth that has little tooth structure remaining, a crown can provide much needed strength to the tooth. A tooth that has been cracked can also be restored, strengthened, and beautified by a crown. Sometimes a crown simply covers a tooth that has been stained or misshaped. A crown is usually used to cover a tooth that has received a root canal treatment.

Do I Have Choices?

There are a few choices, and your dentist will certainly make you aware of any that would be appropriate for your situation. However, the overwhelming choice is typically porcelain. The porcelain material looks the most like your natural teeth and will blend in easily without drawing attention to itself.