Stone Age Dentistry — That Was Then

Scientists originally thought that dentistry didn’t develop until humans settled down and began farming. The resulting diet of high carbohydrate grains and similar foods was thought to have led to increased cavities. But researchers have found evidence that seems to indicate that dentistry goes back much farther than that. Archaeologists have discovered that Stone Age Neolithic humans performed dental procedures — and pretty well, considering the tools and knowledge they had at the time. Read on to discover why it’s believed dentistry began in the Stone Age.

Everyone Likes Whiter Teeth!

Did you know that some form of tooth whitening has been around for centuries? As long ago as 4000 BC, Egyptians were using pumice stones to create a wine vinegar paste to bleach their teeth. Fast-forward to the 18th century and people were roughing the tooth surface with metal files, then applying acid to bleach the teeth. The desire for white teeth has not decreased, but how can you have whiter teeth without harming your teeth and gums?