Are You Dealing With These Stress Related-Dental Issues?

Do you find yourself dealing with unexplained headaches or frequent jaw tenderness? Have you ever experienced a cracked tooth that could not be explained? If so, you may be someone who is dealing with the effects that stress can have on your teeth. Since the beginning of the pandemic, dentists across the country have been seeing an increase in the number of patients who are dealing with dental emergencies from the effects of high stress.

Why You Should Never Delay Dental Treatment

Did we recommend a dental treatment the last time you were in our office and you have yet to schedule your appointment? If so, we suggest taking advantage of the summer and calling today to schedule your appointment. We know that it can be easy for time to get away from you and the days and weeks seem to fly by. When dealing with dental care, time is of the essence. Delaying dental care can lead to added treatments and additional costs. Read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t delay dental treatment.

Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants?

Are you self-conscious because you are missing teeth? Do you currently wear dentures and are looking to make a permanent change to your smile? At Sehnert Precision Dentistry, we want to give our patients the opportunity to love their smile again. We never want a patient to feel like they have to avoid smiling, talking closely with others, or covering their mouth because they are self-conscious. We also want our patients to find a treatment that is the perfect solution to their problem. Therefore, if a treatment isn’t working for you any longer, we can help.

How To Keep Your Oral Health Tip Top This Summer

Many of us are eagerly awaiting the summer to enjoy lazy days, vacations with family, and enjoying the outdoors. Last summer, many events were cancelled due to the pandemic and plans have been rescheduled to enjoy in the coming weeks and months. One of the best parts of summer is the feeling of freedom and not following a schedule. Bedtimes are forgotten and extra treats are enjoyed. With all this fun, even in the summer, it is important to remember to stay diligent with your oral hygiene. Continue reading to learn important tips to maintaining proper oral health during the summer.

Healthy Treats For Healthy Teeth

As the months get warmer, we know that many of our patients will be enjoying cookouts, BBQ’s, special trips, and many other exciting adventures. We know that during these special events, typical food and drink choices are replaced with special treats and beverages not normally consumed. While a treat once in a while is something that everyone enjoys, it is best not to make it a habit. Frequent unhealthy snacking habits can lead to numerous issues with your oral health. Every time we eat, small bits of food particles remain in the teeth, eventually turning into bacteria. This bacteria, if not cleaned quickly and properly, can turn into tooth decay. We want to share some snacking tips to help your oral health remain in pristine condition.

Don’t Fear The Root Canal

Are you dealing with a problem tooth? If you have a tooth that is causing you extreme discomfort, is sensitive to hot and cold, or has previously had a filling and is still causing you trouble, you might be on your way to needing a more involved treatment. As our patient, you know that our main goal is to save your natural teeth as often as we can. This is when a root canal is suggested. In recent years, root canals have gotten a bad rap and are thought to cause discomfort. We are here to tell you that is far from true. Continue reading to learn the truth about root canals.

The Surprising Benefits of Chewing Gum

Are you a fan of chewing gum but always avoided it because you thought it was bad for your teeth? No need to avoid any longer. Chewing gum can actually help prevent cavities and tooth decay. Sadly, sugar-filled Hubba Bubba or Big League Chew have to sit on the sidelines, but you can certainly enjoy your favorite sugar-free gum, which provides many benefits to your dental health.

The Simple Solution to Tooth Decay

As much as we all dream of having perfect teeth and a stellar hygiene examination, there are times that this is not the case. As hard as we might try to maintain a fantastic oral health regimen, tooth decay can still sneak in from time to time, resulting in a cavity here and there. A cavity is caused by added bacteria in the mouth that permanently damages the enamel of the tooth, creating a small opening or hole. If not treated quickly, the cavity can continue to grow, resulting in a more extensive treatment. If you have experienced a cavity, then you know that we use what’s known as a filling to treat the damage in the tooth. We want to share a little more about fillings and how to care for your tooth following the treatment. Even if you have not had a filling yourself, you might have one in the future or have a loved one who will need the treatment at some point. Read more to learn about how to care for your mouth following this common treatment.

Do I Need to Replace My Missing Tooth?

Have you recently had a tooth extracted or have the procedure scheduled for the near future? If so, you might be thinking about which tooth replacement method you will choose, or maybe you are trying to decide if you even need to replace the tooth. We know that it can be tempting to leave a space where your tooth once was, especially if it is a back molar. There are many circumstances that can lead to your hesitation such as cost, procedure time, and length of recovery. We want to share the importance of putting your doubts aside, speaking with our staff, and making an informed decision about which replacement method is most beneficial to your budget and lifestyle. Replacing a tooth after extraction is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also beneficial to your overall oral and physical health.

Kelli – Our Valued Team Member

There are lots of reasons that our practice is the highest-rated dental practice in Lewisville, Texas, such as our state-of-the-art technology, our effort to continue our education in order to stay on top of new advances in dentistry, and most importantly, our desire to make our patients feel like one of the family. Today, we would like to tell you a little more about one of our team members who you deal with quite often, Kelli. Continue reading to learn more about Kelli and what she does in our office.