The Simple Solution to Tooth Decay

As much as we all dream of having perfect teeth and a stellar hygiene examination, there are times that this is not the case. As hard as we might try to maintain a fantastic oral health regimen, tooth decay can still sneak in from time to time, resulting in a cavity here and there. A cavity is caused by added bacteria in the mouth that permanently damages the enamel of the tooth, creating a small opening or hole. If not treated quickly, the cavity can continue to grow, resulting in a more extensive treatment. If you have experienced a cavity, then you know that we use what’s known as a filling to treat the damage in the tooth. We want to share a little more about fillings and how to care for your tooth following the treatment. Even if you have not had a filling yourself, you might have one in the future or have a loved one who will need the treatment at some point. Read more to learn about how to care for your mouth following this common treatment.