Do you have teeth that have been damaged by decay or trauma? Or, do you have teeth with large areas of defective fillings? One possible restorative solution to consider is a dental onlay. Less tooth structure is removed in preparation for the onlay restoration so it is less invasive than a crown preparation. This means the underlying tooth may be stronger and there will be less chance of tooth sensitivity or gum irritation.

The Advantages of CEREC over Traditional Onlays

Many people put off needed dental treatment because they feel they don’t have enough time for an appointment. You can put that concern behind you. We use CEREC technology to deliver your onlay restoration in one office visit, while you wait. A CEREC (Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramic) onlay means you have the convenience and comfort of waiting in your chair while your onlay is made. Besides saving you time, CEREC delivers other benefits, including:

  • Fewer Office Visits. The traditional onlay procedure takes several visits and up to two weeks to complete. A CEREC onlay is finished in one office visit. Fewer visits obviously means less time, but it also means less cost since you only pay for one office visit with CEREC.
  • Ability to Enjoy Your New Smile the Same Day. You’ll have no long waiting period for your permanent onlay to arrive. Simply walk into your appointment with damaged teeth and walk out the same day with your restoration complete.
  • No Messy Molds. Those sometimes gag-inducing, usually messy, and always time-consuming molds are a thing of the past with CEREC. Instead, digital impressions are made, and using CAD/CAM software and hardware, your onlay is precision-created in-office.
  • No Temporary Onlay Required. Because you are forced to wait until your permanent onlay arrives with traditional methods, temporary onlays need to be cemented to your teeth to protect the area while you wait. CEREC is a same-day process done while you wait, so there is no need to take the time or put your teeth under the stress of temporary onlays.

You don’t have to take a lot of time — set aside one day and walk away the same day with a healthy, beautiful smile. You save time and money. If you are in the Lewisville, Texas, area contact us here at Sehnert Precision Dentistry to schedule an appointment today and find out if CEREC is the best option for you.