If you have teeth missing, you might be considering dental implants to replace them. However, one important thing to include in your deliberations is whether you are a good candidate for the procedure. Here are some things that will impact that answer:

  • Gum health
    One of the most important considerations is your gum health. If you suffer from periodontal disease it will be necessary to bring your gums back to a healthy state before receiving implants.
  • Sufficient bone
    You need to have a good amount of healthy bone tissue to receive the implants. If you suffer from bone loss you may still be a candidate, however, you might need to have other procedures done before implantation to build up the available bone.
  • Commitment to care
    Are you ready to give your implants and remaining teeth the time and attention required to keep them healthy? In addition to brushing your teeth and gums and daily flossing, you need to maintain regular dental examinations to stop problems while they are small.
  • Other factors that influence risk
    Dental implants might not be a good choice for you if you are young and your jaws are still growing, or if you are pregnant. Smokers have been shown to have a higher percentage of implant failure because smoking interferes with the healing process.

Others who are at risk for implant failure include those who are heavy alcohol users or who abuse drugs. Sometimes, they fail to follow through with aftercare appointments and they are less likely to devote the attention to home-care necessary for a healthy outcome.

Additional factors to consider are the presence of ongoing diseases like diabetes and serious immune system impairment, as well as the use of certain medications like steroids or other medicines that can suppress the immune system.

Severe clenching and grinding of the teeth can increase the risk for implant failure, as well as cause damage to any restorations that may be placed.

We Can Answer Your Dental Implant Questions

We have placed hundreds of dental implants successfully and have hundreds of hours of specialized training in implant evaluation, placement, and aftercare. We carefully evaluate the condition of your teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine your eligibility to receive dental implants. We don’t want to see your implants fail any more than you do. We do an in-depth examination and physical history to be sure you have the best opportunity for successful implant treatment.

If you are considering dental implants and live in Lewisville, Texas or the surrounding area, contact our office to schedule an appointment today. We would be pleased to answer all your questions and determine whether dental implants might be right for you.