Meet a Valued Team Member – Marichu

At Sehnert Precision Dentistry, our patients are our top priority. From the moment you come through the doors, we take the time to listen to your concerns and show that you matter. Our entire team works together to ensure that you are comfortable while under our care. If you have visited our office, we hope that you have experienced the level of care that allows us to be one of the highest rated dental offices in the area. There is one member of our team who always goes above and beyond and helps with numerous aspects of the office and procedures we offer — our team leader and doctor’s clinical assistant — Marichu. We want to take some time this month to share a little more about Marichu and why she is so vital to our team.

Some Things You Might Not Know About Your Hygienist

2020 is off to a great start here at Sehnert Precision Dentistry! We are looking forward to another year of providing patients like you with quality dental care. An important part of great service is educating patients on preventative oral health. Do you know what one of the first lines of defense is when it comes to spotting tooth decay and more serious dental problems such as gum disease and even oral cancer?