How To Guarantee Healthy Fangs This Halloween

Any vampire or werewolf will tell you that healthy teeth are the most important tool of the trade. With something that important, you want to give it the best care you can. So, for all the little vampires and werewolves out there (and adults too) Halloween is a great time to ensure that you are maintaining the proper care of your teeth. Continue on to learn some tips to make sure that you and your family will have the healthiest fangs this Halloween season!

confused woman

That Carbonated Water May Not Be So Healthy

It’s 3:30 and you’re thirsty. It’s too late for coffee, but you’re tired of plain old water. Then you remember that you bought some of that AMAZING carbonated water the last time you went grocery shopping. It’s free of calories, sodium, sugar, and artificial sweeteners, so it can’t possibly be bad for you, right? Not…