When you look at yourself in the mirror, are you happy with your smile? Or do you think it looks a bit weary and wonder how that happened? Our teeth take a lot of wear and tear over the years that isn’t always hidden. Read on to learn some of the causes for your tired smile and what we can do to bring back the sparkle.

Extreme Wear

If your teeth suffer from extreme wear, one visible sign can be chewing surfaces that have become flattened or uneven. You may experience soreness in the muscles of your jaw and have developed a poor bite, where your teeth don’t close together correctly. Sensitive teeth can be a sign of unseen cracks, and headaches can result from the combination of these ills.

If you have been biting your nails for years or using your teeth to open bottles — yes, we’ve had patients who admit to this habit — these bad habits contribute to worn teeth. Teeth that are not properly aligned can wear against each other, while a habit of clenching and/or grinding your teeth also contributes to extreme wear over the years. We need to identify any bad habits or underlying illness that may contribute to the excessive wear. Once identified, we can take steps to prevent them from destroying any new restorations that are made.

Restorations That No Longer “Work”

If you have restorations that are no longer aesthetically pleasing or no longer work the way they were intended, it can affect your appearance and your oral health. Contributors to failed restorations include diabetes, grinding and clenching teeth, a bite that is no longer aligned, medications that treat osteoporosis, and other medications. Once again, it is vital that we determine the underlying cause for the failure of your restoration so that steps can be taken to ensure your new restorations will not suffer the same fate.

We Can Help You Regain Your Oral Health

Your oral needs are unique, and your treatment will be uniquely designed for you. There is no problem too big to solve or too small to consider. There are many options available now to improve your oral health — from tooth-colored fillings and porcelain crowns to porcelain bridges or implants to replace missing teeth, and many treatments to restore healthy gums. Our years of experience and special training mean we can determine and deliver the best treatment for your unique needs. There is no need to accept your “weary” smile. If you would like to discuss the options available to you, please contact our office today.

All the Best,
Dr. Sehnert