Dr. Svetlana Baranovitch

If you haven’t had the opportunity to meet Dr. Baranovitch during your visits to Sehnert Precision Dentistry, then now is your chance. Dr. Baranovitch shares my values when it comes to patient care and has been the perfect addition to my practice.

While she graduated from NYU with a degree in nutrition and dietetics in 2001, Dr. Baranovitch didn’t begin her dental career until years later when she enrolled in the New York College of Dentistry. Because of her background in nutrition, Dr. Baranovitch brings a different set of skills to our practice, emphasizing the link between dental health and whole health.

Another thing that Dr. Baranovitch brings to our practice is her love of working with children. Sehnert Precision Dentistry has always been family friendly, but as a mother of three, Dr. Baranovitch is able to connect with pediatric patients and help them make the most of their visit at my practice.

Having Dr. Baranovitch on board offers many benefits: In addition to her passion for treating children, having a second dentist allows us to treat more patients. The more patients we’re able to see, the more healthy, beautiful smiles we send out into the world.

Dr. Baranovitch and I are both happy and grateful to be part of your healthcare team. If it’s time for your semi-annual appointment, be sure to give the office a call.


Dr. Sehnert