Scott M.

5 stars

Love Dr. Sehnert and his staff!

Cathy S.

5 stars

I called in a panic today because my back molar woke me up in pain at 2am. I wasn’t even a customer of theirs (or anyone’s) and they got me in by 10:10. When it looked like an emergency root canal was in order, he phoned a specialist and asked her to look at it. When I went to the person he recommended, they stopped what they were doing to help me. She explained she was going to try and save my tooth although half-way through the root canal, it was obvious that the tooth was fractured several different places. When she called Dr. Sehnert to see what he wanted to do, he told her to send me back to him and he would extract the tooth within a few minutes, and that is what he did. As hard as it all was (Losing my tooth in a day), they made it as comfortable and as soothing as anyone could possibly have handled it. I was so happy with the way his staff responded as well as the Dr. he recommended as well. Such nice, professional, compassionate staff and Doctor. They have totally made a loyal customer out of me now!

Cottage B.

5 stars

LOVE this Dentist! Dr. Sehnert and his staff are thorough, gentle, caring, and knowledgeable. These are the Professionals you want for your dental care….wish I had found them earlier!

Kelly B.
5 stars

I couldn’t have been more impressed with my experience at Dr. Sehnert’s office. Both he and Marla provided exceptional care to a nervous patient like me. The facility is clean, beautifully decorated, and the staff is friendly & professional. So thankful to have found a dentist I can trust will take good care of me!

Holly L.
5 stars

I have always been uneasy in the Dentist office. After interviewing Dr. Sehnert in 2000, I decided he was the best Dentist ever. He, and his staff, have always made me feel like my concerns and apprehensions are valid and takes care to address them. Dr. Sehnert always presents the issue in easy to understand language and discusses all the options with me. Being included in my own treatment plan is important to me. My smile is a part of who I am and I am thankful that Dr. Sehnert allows me to share that.

Gary U.

5 stars

Dr. Sehnert and his group of professionals can count on my wife’s and my support in any way that we can be of help. Four years ago we moved from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metromess to Denver and still come back to Lewisville for visits to his shop. He and his staff are the epitome of professionalism with a heart.

Jewels W.

5 stars

Not only is Dr. Sehnert well respected, he continues to learn new solutions, speaks with colleagues to ensure his diagnosis or approach makes sense to them too and generally a quintessential expert and professional in his field. Office staff and most important to me, dental hygienist had over 20 years experience, professional, cared about me an specifically asked about my needs as well. Awesome experience!

Patrice M.

5 stars

I feel I have the best dentist in the world. Dr. Sehnert and his staff are so professional, caring and helpful. I always feel I get the best care available. My visit is not something I dread. Even for those appointments where I was experiencing pain and discomfort, the problem was pinpointed and the treatment was awesome. I know the dental care I am receiving is also promoting my good health and that is very important to me. A big thanks to Dr. Sehnert and his staff!

Maria M.

5 stars

I love this entire office! They make me smile! Actually, they helped me get my smile BACK!

Barbara M.

5 stars

Great office, very caring and wonderful family atmosphere. Dr. Sehnert is very conservative, and up to date with all the best technology to ensure that his patients receive the finest care possible.

Texas Dental Association
The American Dental Association
The American College of Dentists
Omicron Kappa Upsilon dental honor society
The International Team for Implantology
A Spear Education Group

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