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Root canal therapy is a great solution for dealing with severe decay and pain while still preserving the natural tooth. The decay is removed and the tooth is filled and sealed. Advancements in technology and technique have made this once-feared procedure become routine and virtually painless.

Why Would I Want A Root Canal?

Dentists are always seeking to preserve your natural teeth. A root canal is a last, best effort to save a natural tooth while still dealing with severe pain and excess decay.

When Do I Need A Root Canal?

If a cavity is left untreated for a great length of time, the decay can become severe throughout the whole tooth. Even the root and surrounding bone structure can be affected. This infected tissue will definitely not heal on its own. If left untreated, the decay can have a serious adverse impact on your whole body.

What Is A Root Canal?

In order to perform a root canal, a dentist will need to use a series of files to remove the infected tissue. Once the decayed tissue is removed, the dentist will fill the cavity in order to protect against future infection. This is typically followed up by covering the whole tooth with a crown in order to seal the tooth and provide further protection.

How Do Know I Need A Root Canal?

The excess infection will reveal itself by presenting several possible symptoms: you may notice tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, a sensitivity to sweets, and even intense pain. You may also experience swelling, pain while biting, or a bad taste in your mouth.

Will A Root Canal Hurt?

The much-maligned root canal is actually a positive tool for Dr. Sehnert because he can use it to save your real tooth. Because of advanced training, techniques, and tools, modern-day root canals are actually fairly routine, painless, and nothing to be feared.

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