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While preservation of natural teeth is always our goal, at times extractions are necessary. When this is the case, your dentist is trained and equipped with the best tools for performing the extractions with minimal pain.

Why We Avoid Extractions

Even the loss of a single tooth can have a negative long-term impact. The most obvious is the loss of aesthetic appeal for your smile. The loss of a tooth can also compromise your ability to chew properly. One hidden impact of a missing tooth is that the bone structure around the missing tooth area will gradually began to deteriorate, negatively affecting the remaining teeth. For these reasons and more, we will always seek to keep the natural tooth if possible.

When Extractions Are Unavoidable

In spite of your and your dentist’s best efforts, it may sometimes be necessary to extract a tooth. These reasons can include advanced tooth decay, advanced gum disease, a fractured tooth, impacted teeth, and other factors.

How Does An Extraction Take Place?

Your dentist will use x-rays to get as much detailed information as possible about your affected tooth. This will help him make the final decision regarding a possible extraction. The x-rays will also help him make the quickest and cleanest extraction possible. After administering anesthetics, your dentist will remove the tooth. He is trained and able to make your experience relatively painless.

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