2020 is off to a great start here at Sehnert Precision Dentistry! We are looking forward to another year of providing patients like you with quality dental care. An important part of great service is educating patients on preventative oral health. Do you know what one of the first lines of defense is when it comes to spotting tooth decay and more serious dental problems such as gum disease and even oral cancer?

It’s not brushing, flossing or even Dr. Sehnert. One of the best preventative measures when it comes to your oral health happens to be our dental hygienists. Both Kristen and Holly’s work goes beyond cleaning teeth and taking x-rays. They are highly trained professionals who are critical to the overall dental care of our patients.

Here are some things you might not know about the work our dental hygienists do:

  • Their academic work included courses in microbiology, chemistry, pharmacology, and oral pathology.
  • They can be the first ones to spot signs and symptoms of tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Besides evaluating your teeth, they are also trained to assess salivary flow, jaw jointsand even signs of possible airway issues.
  • The questions they ask at each visit, though routine, are important to assessing your risk levels for oral disease. Their goal is to identify risks of cavities, gum disease and oral cancer and present patients with options to prevent these diseases.
  • Their training includes the science and techniques of radiography. This includes knowing how to minimize radiation exposure for the patient.
  • Dental hygienists must pass rigorous testing such as board exams, which include a written and clinical exam.

We hope this gives you a greater appreciation for the training and skills that go in to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. It’s an important job and Kristen and Holly can tell you they enjoy coming to work every day. On behalf of the entire team here at Sehnert Precision Dentistry, we look forward to seeing you at your next visit.