Avoiding proper dental health care such as brushing and flossing regularly and twice yearly checkups with the dentist doesn’t just affect the health of your teeth, but can lead to serious health problems down the road. Conditions such as heart disease, pregnancy complications and diabetes have been linked back to oral health issues.

The way in which poor oral health can affect your overall health has to do with bacteria. Without good oral hygiene, bacteria can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Since your mouth is the gateway to your digestive and respiratory tracts, this bacteria can travel to these systems and lead to major health issues. The following is a list of some of these health problems:

  • Endocarditis: An infection that occurs in the inner lining of the heart chambers or valves, bacteria or other germs can enter through the mouth and spread to the bloodstream and attach to the heart.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Studies have shown that heart disease, clogged arteries, and stroke might be linked to inflammation and infections caused by oral bacteria.
  • Pregnancy and birth complications: Periodontal disease (a.k.a., gum disease) is connected to premature birth and low birth weight.
  • Diabetes: Diabetes puts the body’s resistance to infection at risk, which in turn increases the risk of gum disease. Gum disease is also found to be more prevalent and severe in diabetes patients.

The simplest way to avoid oral disease and reduce the risk of other health issues is to practice good dental hygiene habits. Brushing, flossing and visiting the dentist on a regular basis is just as important as eating healthy foods, getting exercise and avoiding tobacco use.

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